We are proud of the bed system in every way.

Matelas Princesse in Montreal offers high quality mattresses – entirely custom-made for this project, with the highest comfort standards.

IKEA’s bed system customization allowed for two different bed heights.
The high position gives access underneath to the twin bed and accommodation for bikes in the tray.
The low position frees a whole living space in the queen bed area, allowing to sit straight while reading a book comfortably for instance.

An essential part of Navire’s unique systems and space optimization design, they allow extra bed length for vehicle width sleep position.

Combined with Erickson Pro Series Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps (provided)
Allow to fix and carry long and big objects on the side of the van, perfect for your surfboards or kayak!


Allow to safely carry and fix up to three bikes inside the van.
The tray fully extends outside, making loading and unloading of all gear convenient.


Safely secure any cargo with heavy-duty L-Tracks on both sides.

With their magnets, are quick and easy to use.
Completely cover all windows with blackout and insulation properties.

30Gal (110L) Clear Water and 92L Gray Water Tanks, carefully chosen.
Multiple days of complete autonomy.

Kuuma model, 6 Gallons. 
Heat transfers from the engine coolant system
30-45 minutes drive = hot water available for about 24hs

The unit also allows powering from the lithium batteries system to accommodate several days of stationary vehicle hot water needs.

Allows for outside showers and gear clean-up before loading.

Montreal-based company Fosk are very good at what they do, which is in this case an amazing custom made stainless steel shower base, the perfect size for our needs.
Riobel is a local quality water appliances producer. This shower choice allows for an adjustable shower head.

A deep sink with the right dimensions is a must when washing dishes in limited space, this is why Torva’s 10 inch deep stainless steel sink with all its accessories was an easy and optimized choice.

The german company Eberspaecher is the king of the RV heating systems world.
The Espar D2 Airtronic Diesel Heater is a 7500 BTU high performing low consumption unit. Programmable to independently operate following the chosen schedule.

Kabair are the experts in heating and air conditioning in Quebec.
Their original KAB-300MBD unit offers a powerful 14 000 BTU solution directly connected to the Lithium house batteries system, while positioning itself as the most energy-efficient of its category.

Simarine Pico System Monitor is a high-end electrical monitor that relays all the systems informations:

Water Tank levels
Real time battery consumption and charging
Battery levels

The IndelB refrigerators offer the most reliable and highest quality low power consumption 12v cooling solutions on the market.

Self-Heating Lithium Batteries for Canada’s cold weather will prevent potential issues and damages when charging below zero.
Lithium technology in batteries revolutionized the available power per weight in campers.

The van’s roof available space was completely optimized with 4x100W solar panels. 
Combined with the MPPT charger, they gather the sun’s sustainable energy while the camper remains stationary. 

Connected to the vehicle’s battery, this high-end unit efficiently charges the house lithium batteries while the vehicle is on the road.

The only system which could still be optimized, due to limited available space.

2000W is plenty enough energy to operate all units independently. Nevertheless, it does not allow two powerful units to operate at the same time, unlike its 3000W version.

Nevertheless, we are proud to use this high quality Inverter Charger from reliable company KISAE, who has cumulated over 100 years of experience.

This unit’s compact size allowed to accommodate the van with a handy microwave.

Induction technology is absolutely ideal inside a van. It prevents the cooking surface from getting hot, all while consuming power efficiently.

The Maxxair Fan, located right in front of the shower and over the countertop is of great use for humidity control while the shower is running and food is being cooked.
The Sirocco fan is 360 degree adjustable and centrally located.
Both fans operating together will create very efficient airflow.

Thetford’s Porta Potti 565E Cassette Toilet is a great solution for life on the road. While it can be removed altogether if unrequired for the rental, its easy-to-use design allows to unlock and unload in any designated RV area, or a public toilet. 

Both windows were selected for their ability to open during stormy weather. They can effectively maintain their key function, combined with the fans, to sustain optimal airflow in all conditions.

Arctic Tern Window blind allows intimacy and blackout and both windows are equipped with a mosquito mesh.