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Navire came to fruition through two years of tireless work,
from completely unique design idealization, space and systems optimisation, project realization to arrival on the rental market.

Navire’s design was envisioned to push back the limits of what is possible and unleash the full potential of the most compact vehicle in its category.

Thanks to the revenue of over 2 million trees planted in 10 years, Navire was able to be created, built, and launched.

Hardship, sustained efforts, at the confines and beyond physical and mental limits, forged the resilience, rigor and connection to the land that anchor Navire today.

The creation of a recreational vehicle and its travel have an impact on the environment: this is why renting allows to optimize its existence and thus minimize its overall ecological footprint.
We believe most people should rent a van instead of buying one, unless they are absolutely serious about traveling over extended periods of time and making the most out of its production and lifetime.


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